The Best Stocking Stuffers for Car People in 2023

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Car People in 2023

Christmas shopping can be tricky for some people. If you know a gearhead, someone that has everything, or a car detailing fanatic you may need some help. For this reason we came up with our list of the best stocking stuffers for 2023 from all of things we loved this year and really enjoyed. 

Buy a Car Person Something They Will Use & Enjoy

We wanted to come up with a list of Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers that the car guy or lady will actually enjoy and use. We have all had gifts that were pulled off the shelf at some big box store and you have to dig deep to tell your friends and family that they bought you some garbage. 

1.) The Fur-eel Pro 2 Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment 

The first item we have really enjoyed for years but the most recent version is just a lot better and more durable. This GloveBox favorite is the Fur-eel Pro 2! The latest version of the Fur-eel is a beast for vacuuming pet hair off carpet, cloth, seats, and anything else in the way. It is a combination of friction and suction and makes quick work of the hairiest pet messes in your car or even in your home. It attaches to most vacuums and there is an adapter available to make it work on every other vacuum on the market. I have used the same Fur-eel on 6 cars and it has so much material left on that I will be able to do 60 to 70 more cars with it. Whether you own a dog or detail cars for a hobby or profession this vacuum attachment will make your car guru's life so much easier.

Fur-eel Pro 2 Pet Hair Removal Attachment

2.) Crocodile Cloth Auto Cloth Wipes

Everyone has seen the automotive wipes on the shelves of Walmart, Autozone, Advance Auto, and all of the other box stores and most gearheads and car detailing people cringe when they see them. We normally shake our head as well when we see this in our gift pile but the wipes from Crocodile Cloth are on a level by themselves. Crocodile Cloth makes the best automotive wipes on the market and cannot be beat.

Crocodile Cloth Auto Wipes

They are huge and more than twice as big as normal wipes and measure in at 10" by 15" and can be used on your wheels, engine bay, tools, polishers, tires, and anything else you are in a pinch to clean in your garage or car. These auto wipes are made to cut grease, oil, grime, dirt, and are safe on your hands and are much stronger than other wipes and don't fall apart when using them. Jamie the Cleaner loved these wipes so much after cleaning his polishers and detailing tools he ordered more using code GLOVEBOX23 for 25% off at Crocodile Cloth. If you own a boat, BBQ, or want general purpose cleaning wipes, Crocodile Cloth has those bases covered.

Crocodile Cloth Auto Wipes Size

3.) Arotags Air Fresheners Are a Cars Best Friend

Everyone likes a good smelling car and Arotags is one of the coolest ways to keep your car fresh. These reusable wooden car fresheners will be a huge hit for any car lover's stocking. The paper tree is no longer the air freshener a car lover or detailer wants. They want something unique, smells good, and lasts and that is where the Arotag comes into the fray.

GloveBox Arotags

Arotags are made from wood and come in many shapes and designs and are reusable by using a non-toxic frangrance oil and impregnating the wood with it. When the scent is starting to soften you just reapply the oil and the wooden diffuser soaks it up and bam you have your fresh smelling car again. We love these diffusers and love that the scent lasts 2 to 3 weeks before we have to reapply the fragrance oil. One really cool option is that Arotags can make custom designed air fresheners and are a great good for your detailing clients and a great way to market your business. Use code DETAIL10 for 10% off!


4.) Lithium Z Detailing Brushes

If you ask any car detailing professional or hobbyist they will all agree on the need for high quality detailing brushes. There are so many great detailing brushes on the market but we are really fond of the Lithium Detailing Brush set.


This brush kit is only $24.00 and comes with 4 brushes in a really nice case and have coated handles that really make them comfortable in your hand and easier to grip. In this set you receive two synthetic super soft brushes and two boars hair brushes.

Having both types of brushes allows you to do delicate work on paint, screens, and emblems while the stuffer boars hair brushes are capable of doing heavier lifting and clean wheel lugs, engine compartments, and other dirty work. Keeping them all stored in the case is a great way to stay organized and perfect package inside of someone's Christmas stocking. Don't forget to order your Lithium Detailing Brushes with code GLOVEBOX for 20% off!

5.) A High Quality Foam Cannon

Every car lover likes to keep a clean and spotless car whether it is the daily driver or their fun weekend car. Washing and cleaning a car with a foam cannon is a lot of fun and a high foaming foam cannon is a fabulous gift or stocking stuff for a gearhead or detailer.

Foam Cannons for Christmas

Some of the best foam cannons we have tested are the MJJC Pro V2, MJJC S V3 and the MTM PF22.2. While the MJJC foam cannons are newer on the scene they have advantages over the MTM with a wider mouth bottle that is easy to fill and they foam like crazy. Either MJJC model will deliver shaving cream thick foam that will definitely make your car lover smile. The MTM is a titan in the foam space and has been the benchmark for years and is built with high quality components and outperforms almost every other foam cannon minus the MTM where they are so close that it is hard to call a winner. Either of these foam cannon will be a great gift this Christmas.

To save some money use the following codes at MTM or MJJC:

MTM Code: GLOVEBOX15 for 15% Off

MJJC Code: JHVKQ5HW for 10% Off

6.)  A Detailing T-Shirt

We carry some really fun detailing shirts with great sayings, logos, and messages that can fit anyone's personality. Whether you want something simple or a t-shirt with some colors to pop we have 6 different detailing t-shirts to choose from. 

GloveBox Detailing Shirts

These shirts are unique and will definitely make a statement this coming year at any cars and coffee or at a client's house while they are detailing. Either way you will be the center of attention no matter where you are. Use code NEW25 to save 25% on these shirts!

7.) GLOVEBOXRx Detailing System

An easy Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for any car person would be our GLOVEBOXRx cartridge based detailing products. While I am being biased of course it has some features that can't be beat and that is a fact. The cartridges are small and easy to store, they don't freeze in the Winter like most water-based detailing products, they are competitively priced, and they ship cheap when you need refills. You use your own water in our GLOVEBOXRx system no need to fret about dilution ratios and caustic chemicals. Our products are safe, effective, and swell wonderful.

Each GLOVEBOXRx kit come with 4 bottles, 4 sprayers, $ cartridges (Glass Cleaner, Interior Cleaner, Spray Wax, and Waterless Wash), and 4 high-quality microfiber towels. You get all of this for $49.99 (Use code NEW25 for 25% off)

8.) Koch Chemie Gfx Snow Foam - Christmas Edition

Special edition car shampoos, detail sprays, and waxes are nothing new to the industry but it is something new this year for Koch Chemie. This year KCx USA decided to make a Christmas Edition Snow Foam based on their amazing Gsf (Gentle Snow Foam).

Koch Chemie Gfx Snow Foam Christmas Edition

This snow foam normally is cherry scented but this special edition smells like cinnamon and pine mixed together and is an amazing gift idea as car shampoo is probably the most used detailing product for any gearhead. This high foaming and ultra lubricating car shampoo can be used in a bucket or in a foam cannon like the MJJC or MTM to make thick and awesome smelling foam. This is a layup present for Christmas in 2023 but hurry up, this is a limited run and when it is gone it is gone! 

9.) IK Multi TR Mini 360 Spray Bottle

At SEMA last year IK launched a new version of their popular Multi TR spray bottles. This new version was called the Multi TR Mini 360 because it can spray in any direction even upside down. This was a huge game changer for the spray bottle industry and really well received by detailers, window tint companies, and PPF and Vinyl Wrap professionals. 

IK Multi TR Mini 360 Spray Bottle

We loved it so much we put it in our February 2023 GloveBox and have loved having them in our arsenal this year. For this reason and the fact that it is under $15 it is an easy choice for this year Christmas shopping. Order yours today at The Rag Company and use code GLOVE15 for 15% off!

10.) The GloveBox Past Box Sale

If you want to get a lot of Christmas gifts for a low cost? Check out our GloveBox Past Box sale! If you order two or more of our previous boxes you save 40% off of your order! You don't need a code to purchase, just enter two or more boxes from our Past Box sale list and the 40% discount will be taken at checkout.

Past GloveBox Sale

Take advantage of this sale and you get two GloveBoxes for $41.99 instead of $70 (plus shipping) with a retail value of over $120!. Don't sleep on this deal or they may sell out and we won't get anymore so order yours today! That stocking will be stuffed if you order this awesome deal.

There are so many other great gifts for car lovers, detailers, hobbyists, and gear heads but these are the ideas we had without breaking the bank and being perfect for stocking stuffers. Check our blog for more product reviews, how-tos, and more!