Tesla Detailing Kit

Do you have a Tesla that you are looking to clean and maintain? Look no further! Our GLOVEBOXRx system is just what you need to keep your Tesla clean and looking its best. Our detailing kit includes products to help you maintain your Tesla inside and out and should make owning your Tesla much more enjoyable. 

Interior Cleaning Products For All Of Your Tesla's Surfaces

Teslas are known to have very sleek and modern interiors and are loaded with technology and plush and smooth surfaces. This is why we created our GLOVEBOXRx Interior Cleaner as we wanted something that could be used throughout the entire interior of any vehicle including a Tesla. Our Interior Cleaner is clear and smells clean and can be used on Vegan Leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, carpet, and more. It is clear so you do not have to risk staining your white vegan leather or lighter interior products. It cleans extremely well while being extremely gentle and will not damage your Tesla's materials and components. Our glass cleaner can be used on the inside and outside of your Tesla and it can be used on infotainment screens and is safe on tinted windows.

Keep The Exterior Of Your Tesla Dialed In

When we created GLOVEBOXRx we wanted to have a well-rounded kit to help you maintain and protect your vehicle. With this in mind we created a waterless wash that is easy to use for cleaning your paint, glass, trim, and more and works well on door jams and infotainment screens. It will safely remove dirt, fingerprints, and more without pulling out a hose and bucket and is great for quick cleaning or cleaning your entire vehicle if you live in an area with a water restriction. Finally, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to protect your Tesla's paint use our GLOVEBOXRx Spray Wax. It is designed to add protection with synthetic and carnauba-based waxes and is great on paint, trim, wheels, glass, and more. 

We designed GLOVEBOXRx to be easy to use, and environmentally friendly by saving water and packaging. Our cartridge-based system uses 75% less plastic than big box store car detailing products and does not free or take a lot of complicated steps to use. Simply add clean water to one of the 4 included bottles, add your product cartridge of choice, install the sprayer and you are all set. GLOVEBOXRx is great to leave in your car for road trips or emergency cleanings and much more. Order your GLOVEBOXRx kit and products today to start your Tesla cleaning journey!