GLOVEBOXRx™ Detailing Starter Kit

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Looking for something different? Try GLOVEBOXRx™ ✨

The detailing industry has a dirty little secret 🤫 you're mostly paying for water. Many brands pump out the same over-marketed, water-based products with hefty price tags and underwhelming results. Shipping water is expensive! 

GLOVEBOXRx™ changes that. We formulated premium product concentrates and pair them with an easy-to-use refill system that will completely change the way you think about detailing products, while still delivering that perfect shine. When your bottle is empty, simply RELOAD. REFILL. RE-USE.

And, don't forget to REjoice in the cost savings - as our refills cost a fraction of a traditional 16oz bottle and are backed up by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Our eco-friendly, "just add water" system reduces plastic in landfills, ensures perfect dilution ratios every time, conserves space, and saves you the hassle and money of buying bottle after bottle. 

Detailing Starter Kit Includes:


GLOVEBOXRx™ Product Benefits:

  • Premium product formulations 🧪
  • Easy dilution: each cartridge makes 16oz 🧼
  • Heavy-duty bottle Guaranteed for Life 🤯
  • 100% Recyclable ♻️
  • Made in the USA 🇺🇸


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brad Mills

GLOVEBOXRx™ Detailing Starter Kit

Solid packaging, durable bottles, and a killer kit!

This kit is a great way to maintain your vehicle inside and out. I love the scents, products, ease of use, and the bottles are shaped to fit perfectly together. Saving money on not shipping water is brilliant and The Rag Company towels really bring this kit home. I cannot wait for more products in this line up.

Brian Webster
Awesome products

GloveBoxRx is an exciting revolution in the car detailing world. The products work awesome and it's kind of fun to mix them yourself. The space savings and cheap refills are just icing on the cake

Eric Stiehl
Saves money and reduces plastic waste

This is genius! I just reorder cartridges after my initial order runs out. It saves me on shipping costs and environmental costs. I love it!

Phil Miranda
Products smell AWESOME

This is an amazing gift for a car enthusiast, or just the DIY detailer with a nice car in the garage. I'm really happy with the products so far. Smells luxurious too!