Car Detailing Kits for Car Enthusiasts and Professionals

We created detailing kits for car enthusiasts who'd rather spend their time detailing, not shopping. Our experts hand-picked products from top brands to create four themed detailing boxes that cover many detailing bases. Whether you are brand new to the detailing world or run a successful detailing business, you'll love experiencing new products with a curated box of detailing products shipped right to your door.

What is the Best Car Cleaning Kit for You?

We get that question all of the time regarding our car cleaning kits and we think they are all excellent. We have a detailing kit for your wheels and tires, and an interior cleaning kit, a detailing starter kit, and a car protection kit that is perfect for exterior detailing. So no matter what your detailing needs are we have a kit for you.

Our Detailing Kits Include High-Quality Products

Most of the time when you try and get a packaged kit of any sort, it is packed with stuff. Usually, that kit Is packed with low quality and cheap products. Whether it is a first aid kit at a big box store or some gimmicky car cleaning kit in a magazine, we wanted to pack as much as we could in our detailing kits. We were able to curate car care products from brands like Adam’s Polishes, The Rag Company, Autofiber, Sonax, 303 Products, CarPro, Jax Wax, Wizards, and many more. 

Complete Detail Kits in One Box

We curated our car cleaning kits so you had all your bases covered for the exterior, interior, or wheels and tires on your car or a client’s vehicle. If you are new to detailing and wanted to experiment with higher-end products and do not want to break the bank, our starter cleaning kit is a great option. It comes with CarPro shampoo, Jax Wax tire dressing, Adam’s detail spray, as well as a wash mitt and a high-quality microfiber towel to give a complete package. These kits also allow you to test new products and new brands to get a feel for what might work better for your needs. While our car cleaning kits pack a lot into every box they are also perfect for keeping in your car for touch-ups at a car show or in your garage for your weekend car detailing therapy. No matter which detailing kit you need we know that we have something for you. Don’t spend a ton of money on other detailing kits with lower quality items, buy one of our higher-end kits for only $19.99 and feel confident that you are getting some of the best items on the market