Valentine's Day Gifts for Car Guys

Valentine's Day Gifts for Car Guys

Trying to find Valentine's Day presents for car guys can be kind of a mixed blessing if you don't actually know anything about cars or auto care. There's no shortage of things you can buy for the car enthusiast in your life, but how do you know what they'll actually use? Below we've rounded up Valentine's gift ideas for car lovers of all different types to help you find the perfect present for this February 14.

Wondering What to Get Someone Who Loves Cars? 

Have a man in your life who loves working on his car? There are tons of simple Valentine's car gifts that you don't need any specialized knowledge in order to pick out. Any of the following will have him rushing out to the garage (after a Valentine's kiss, of course).

  • Subscription Box – A monthly subscription box packed with high-end detailing products is a great way to surprise him with something new this February (or throughout the year). Subscription boxes are also a great way to test out new products he might not have known about or wouldn't otherwise have bought for himself. He'll be thanking you when your gift helps him discover his new favorite detailing brushes or interior cleaning spray! We know it's Valentine's day but it will feel like Christmas every month!
  • WeatherTech floor liners – These are some of the toughest floor liners in the industry, made with damage-resistant high-density material and featuring deep, textured grooves to catch excess dirt, snow, and other debris before it stains your car's carpet. Best of all if you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift, you can order mats that are precision-molded to a specific year, make, and model vehicle's footwells. On top of all of that, they are made in the USA!
  • Heavy-Duty Car Wash Kit – Help the car lover in your life restore that showroom shine with a dedicated washing setup like this 3-bucket car wash kit. With heavy-duty wash and rinse buckets on casters that easily roll around or lock in place for washing, keeping his car clean has never been so convenient. They include grit guards and gamma lids to keep your setup tidy and your paint from getting scratched up.

Valentine's Car Gifts for Guys Who Are Always on the Road

If you're looking for gifts for car guys who always seem to be on the move, the options below can help them stay on top of any challenges the road throws their way.

  • Jump Starter – If he's a car guy he probably already has a set of jumper cables for emergencies, but a battery jump starter will help ensure he's never stuck on the side of the road waiting for another driver to come by and help. 
  • Adam’s Trunk Organizer – These sturdy nylon bags can store a ton of car cleaning supplies, tools, and other materials. Plus, the adjustable interior dividers and carrying strap will make it easy to keep all his supplies organized in one convenient place for when he wants to keep his car clean on the go.

What to Get the Car Guy Who Has Everything

If your guy is passionate about taking care of his ride or outfitting his garage with the latest tools and tech, then he may already have quite a few of the basic things on this list. That makes Valentine's Day the perfect occasion to surprise him with something he hasn't quite made the investment in yet. 

  • Dual action polisher – One of these powered polishing tools will help him take his car detailing game to the next level, making it possible to get a professional-level shine.
  • Foam cannon kit – Washing a car without getting any streaks or watermarks can be more difficult than it seems. This soap foam cannon will help him get even the toughest grime off his paint with a soft layer of suds that's more gentle than traditional sponge scrubbing (reducing the chance of scratch marks in the process). Oh and it is a ton of fun!
  • Car detailing light – Everybody likes detailing their car in the driveway on a warm, sunny day, but this versatile detailing light will make working in the garage a lot easier when it's cold and rainy out. Featuring multiple color temperature settings as well as a "daylight" mode, he'll be able to use this for everything from basic cleaning and detailing to finding swirls and paint repair.  
  • MetroVac Air Force Blaster – If you're looking for a Valentine's gift car guys will really love, even the most dedicated car-care enthusiast probably doesn't have a heated dryer like this. The Blaster Sidekick will quickly remove water from hard-to-reach crevices like side mirrors, door jambs, and even under the hood, eliminating water streaking once and for all.

Valentine's Day Car Gifts for Under $30

Some of the options above can get a little pricey, so what if you're looking for an inexpensive Valentine's day gift for the car guy in your life? We have you covered! You can't go wrong with one of these options:

  • Detail brush set – Every car lover can use an extra set of good quality detailing brushes. These brushes have ultra-soft bristles that make them perfect for cleaning dust off delicate interior surfaces and trim, as well as around tire rims or hubcaps.
  • Drift car air freshener – Drift makes some of the most stylish, subtle air fresheners around, with a variety of scents available in a slim, classy wood visor clip. 

Cell phone holder – If he spends a lot of time driving, a new cell phone holder is a no brainer. With so many different options and some also doubling as a charging station, a sturdy phone mount is one of the easiest inexpensive car gifts for Valentine's Day.

No matter what you decide or what your budget is, GloveBox has your back on all the latest and greatest in the car care industry.