The Best Consumer Grade Ceramic Coatings for Car Detailing

The Best Consumer Grade Ceramic Coatings for Car Detailing


Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of paint protection for your vehicle. While PPF is more robust it is also a lot of money to wrap a vehicle and may not be the best option for most car owners making a ceramic coating the best option. Over the last 20 years or so ceramic coatings have become a staple in the car detailing industry and are no longer just for professional detailers like they were in their infancy. 

 In today's detailing world anyone can purchase and use a ceramic coating from most companies. Yes, there are still brands and products that are formulated or marketed for professionals but the consumer grade products can give those "pro coatings" a run for their money.

What is the difference between professional and consumer ceramic coatings?

The key distinction between professional and consumer ceramic coatings lies in their formulation, durability, price, and application process. Professional ceramic coatings are typically composed of higher-quality materials with a higher concentration of silica dioxide, which is the ingredient responsible for creating a hard, protective surface. This results in a coating that offers greater resistance to scratches, chemicals, and UV rays, and typically lasts longer, often up to 5 to 7 years or more. However, professional coatings may require a skilled technician for application or a certified technician, as the process for pro coatings may be specific with requirements for thorough cleaning, paint correction, and precise application conditions to ensure the coating bonds properly with the vehicle's paint. Many professional ceramic coatings need multiple layers to achieve the claims which in our opinion is a waste of time. We do not want to have to coat a vehicle two or three times as it is inefficient and in today's detailing world is not needed.

On the other hand, consumer-grade ceramic coatings are designed for ease of use, allowing car enthusiasts to apply the coating themselves. These products usually have a lower silica dioxide content, making them less durable over time than their professional counterparts. Although they still provide a good level of protection against environmental contaminants and minor abrasions, consumer coatings often have a shorter lifespan, generally lasting 1 to 5 years before a reapplication is needed. The choice between professional and consumer ceramic coatings depends on one's budget, desired level of protection, and willingness to maintain the vehicle's exterior.

The cost difference between pro and consumer coating

One variable that is quite different between pro and consumer coatings is the cost. Professional coatings can cost as high as $300 per bottle while a consumer grade ceramic or graphene coating most often will be under $100 per bottle. Many professional coatings may require a class or certification and minimum order quantity and will make them even more expensive. With many of these professional coatings also required a specific maintenance plan or your warranty will be void. In our opinion the difference in cost, training, and other factors usually don't make sense for professional coatings and we can get long term results with the consumer line just the same at less of an expense.

Our Top Consumer Ceramic Coatings 

While we have tried dozens and dozens of coatings over the years these are some we can trust and we rotate in our cabinets. We use a variety of brands and ceramic coatings to fit the needs of our clients and their vehicles. A show car usually needs a high gloss but not multiple years of durability while a race car needs more durability and heat resistance and having several options allows us  to adapt and meet the needs of every ceramic coating job we get.

Armour Detail Supply Armour Quart Coating

Armour Detail Supplies Armour Quartz Coating

Price: $79.99 

Size: 30ML

Pros: Easy to use, comes with an applicator or and eye dropper, and last 3+ years with a single layer. Another thing we love is the packaging and overall look of the brand and product.

Cons: We wish it came in 50ML or 60ML bottles for larger vehicles or multiple uses.

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Ethos EZPZ Ceramic Coating 30ML Bottle

Ethos EZPZ Ceramic Coating 

Price: $59.99

Size: 30ML

Pros: Could possibly be the easiest coating to use and can last up to 3 years.

Cons: We wish it came in larger sizes and came with an applicator but at the price it is really not that big of an issue.

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Phoenix EOD Kronos Ceramic Coating 30ML Bottle

Phoenix EOD Kronos Ceramic Coating

Price: $54.99 to $189.99

Size: 30ML, 50ML, and 100ML

Pros: Very easy ceramic coating to install and lasts for up to 7 years when maintained properly. It is also marine grade and safe for boats and other maritime vessels like jetskis, pontoons, and more. Phoenix EOD also makes a fantastic  topper and maintenance spray called Titan that will really help you keep this coating at its best.

Cons: We wish it came in larger sizes and came with an applicator but at the price it is really not that big of an issue.

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DIY Detail 3 Year Coating 30ML with red applicator

DIY Detail 3 Year Coating

Price: $59.99

Size: 30ML

Pros: A fantastic coating that is easy to use and leverages Silicon Dioxide (Si02), Silicon Nitride (SiN), Polysilazane, and Graphene Oxide and should last up to 3 years. No fuss or muss, it just works and comes with an applicator. Can be maintained with DIY Detail's Quick Beads and Ceramic Gloss to maximize the performance and longevity of the coating.

Cons: We wish it came in larger sizes for larger vehicles like SUVs and Vans.

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DIY Detail 5 Year Ceramic Coating 30ML

DIY Detail 5 Year Coating

Price: $99.99

Size: 30ML

Pros: Could possibly be the easiest coating to use and can last up to 3 years.

Cons: We wish it came in larger sizes and we feel the price jump from the 3 year coating to the 5 year coating is a bit steep.

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Gyeon Q2 MOHS EVO Ceramic Coating 30ML


Price: $64.99 - $89.99

Size: 30ML & 50ML

Pros: An extremely easy coating to apply that sweats when it is ready to be leveled and includes an applicator. The user experience is great and you cannot go wrong here as it has a great durability, gloss, and slickness. This coating is a able to be layered and with two layers you can achieve 4 years of protection and 3 years with a single layer.

Cons: None

Black Rhino 100ML Ceramic Coating

Black Rhino Ceramic Coating

Price: $49.99

Size: 100ML

Pros: This easy to use coating comes in a massive 100ML bottle which is enough to do 3 vehicles or two SUVs. Black Rhino lasts two to three years and work extremely well.

Cons: None

Choosing a ceramic coating can be complicated but we hope this guide helps you pick based on your needs and budget. No matter which of these you pick you will enjoy the application and with proper maintenance and care your coating should last for years. 

How to maintain your ceramic coating

If you want to maximize the life and performance of a ceramic coating you need to maintain it properly. Just like the oil in your car, a ceramic coating needs upkeep as well. Maintaining your coating is quite simple and only needs a few products to really keep it going for the long haul.

We recommend washing your vehicle regularly with your favorite car shampoo as this will help prevent build up of contaminants and grime. We also want to reiterate that you should not take your vehicle through the automatic car wash because the brushes will damage the coating on your car and will mechanically abrade the surface. Always hand wash your vehicle with quality wash mitts and shampoos or a quality rinseless wash. 

Drying your vehicle is where most scratches happen but leveraging a drying aid can help reduce those loves marks and is also a great way to add protection on top of you coating. A drying aid with ceramic protection is a quick and easy way to help the longevity and performance of your coating. It adds slickness and a sacrificial layer to your ceramic coating and is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and can be done every time you wash a vehicle.

Another great way to add secondary protection to your coating is to use a ceramic detail spray or paint sealant. A ceramic detail spray and ceramic sealant by themselves have a lot of benefits and are slick and durable and layering it on the ceramic coating is like a pyramid of protection. These spray sealants can last 2-6 months on average and some last 6 plus months and can be added two or three times a year or depending on your conditions and will really help push your coating to last for years.

With proper prep, application, and maintenance a consumer ceramic coating can be perfect for pros and DIYers alike. These coatings on our list are some of the best we have used and can compete really well with their professional counterparts without a lot of the red tape and costs. No matter which one you choose you will be happy!