The Best Car Air Fresheners

The Best Car Air Fresheners

Having a clean and fresh smelling car is a great way to enjoy driving. If your car or a client's car is musty and filthy it is more of a burden than anything else. We really enjoy trying new detailing products but we also enjoy trying new car air fresheners. While back in the day we only had a couple of options including those trees that lasted a couple of weeks and were not very good nowadays there are endless options. From sprays, hanging air fresheners, to air freshener bars there are many options to make you and your client's rides smell fantastic.

Here are our favorite car air fresheners that we use regularly and our clients love them as well. It is also an easy way to add value to every detail and put a bow on the service you performed.

Biobombs Air Freshener Bars 7 Pack

Bio Bombs Air Freshener Bars

Price: $9.99 to $59.99

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Pros: Lots of great fragrances that last for months and can be place in an inconspicuous place. Two uses from each bar and they really are fantastic and have been among our favorites for the last year. We really like Dope Soap and Fresh AF and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Look forward to new scents coming out this year!

Cons: They look like granola bars but don't eat them!

GloveBox Arotag Air Freshener


Price: $14 - $18

Code: DETAIL10 for 10% off

Pros: These wooden car air fresheners are awesome and come is many shapes and the best part is you can get custom made shapes and designs. The other fantastic part is you can refill the wood with an oil fragrance. They comes in 5 scents and we really enjoy Cool Breeze. These are really a high end air freshener and really make a statement.

Cons: You have to hang these from your mirror or another part of your vehicle which can get annoying and can block your vision.

Detail Society Custom Car Air Fresheners

Detailer Society

Price: $129.99 to $599.99

Code: GLOVEBOX for $50 off 100 custom air fresheners

Pros: This Is a new car air fresheners brand on the scene cranking out custom designs which are great for any detail business. You can order as little as 50 and as many as 1000 and they come in several scents which is a great way to impress your clients.

Cons: These are hanging air fresheners as well and can be distracting.

Drift Wooden Car Air Freshener on Visor


Price: $9.95 to $15.00

Code: None

Pros: This is a monthly subscription for car air fresheners that is a great way to keep up on your favorite scents. They come in three formats; wood, stone, and metal and they are easy to replace and have lots of wonderful scents. Their seasonal scents are a great gift for the holidays.

Cons: None

Paper Air Freshener Midnight (3 pack)

Turtle Wax Mister Cartoon 

Price: $7.00

Code: None

Pros: These air fresheners come in lots of designs and scents and are in a 3 pack so they will last awhile and can be used in details as an added touch. These again need to be hung and are similar to many other paper car air fresheners. 

Cons: These are hanging air fresheners but for the variety and cost it is easy to look past that

Like we said earlier there are man different types of air fresheners. They come in sprays, bars, hanging shapes, and clip on types and they come in endless scents. We enjoy trying new ones and using new formats to keep our clients happy and our cars smelling fresh. No matter which one you choose you will be happier with a nice smelling car.