The 7 Best Automotive Glass Cleaners for Car Detailing

The 7 Best Automotive Glass Cleaners for Car Detailing

Cleaning windows and glass is the chef's kiss of car detailing and car washing in general. If you miss the windshield or windows or do a poor job cleaning them it will be an epic fail for the whole detail. Windows are tedious because they show everything and windshields are even more stubborn because of their angles and how they seem to collect smudge all of the time.

Using proper cleaning techniques and products can make or break glass cleaning. We like to pair up high-quality glass microfiber towels and a good automotive glass cleaner to make the job easy. Another tip is to clean glass out of the rays of the sun if you can. We know a mobile detailer or driveway enthusiast may not have this option but if you can, do the glass cleaning inside a garage or shop.

Clean Windows & Windshields are Safer

Having a clean windshield and windows is extremely important for visibility and driving at night. A filthy, foggy, and dirty windshield can cause halos during night driving and can drastically impair your safety. Sometimes driving in inclement weather or in the dark is hard enough, make it a little easier by maintaining your windshield and glass on a regular basis.

What is the difference between household glass cleaner & automotive glass cleaner?

 Using your favorite kitchen and household glass cleaner is not the same thing as automotive glass cleaner. Household glass cleaners like Windex should not be used on automotive glass because they are ammonia based. Ammonia is a harsh chemical that can destroy the tint on a vehicle and cause it to look blotchy and look horrible. Regular glass cleaners can also smell overwhelming and in the tight quarters of the car you may be cleaning it can be a horrible experience. 

Automotive glass cleaners are alcohol based for the most part which is still an effective cleaner but will not harm automotive tints. Glass cleaners formulated for cars usually are designed to smell better and also cut through dirt and grime from road film and the elements. Glass cleaners engineered for car detailing work extremely well on windshields to cut down on fogging from automotive materials off gassing and fingerprints on windows. So please don't use Windex on your car glass or windshield and grab a legit bottle of automotive glass cleaner. 

The Best Car Detailing Glass Cleaners

We have used a lot of different glass cleaners over the years in our detailing business and in our monthly subscription boxes. It seems like every brand and detailing products company sells a glass cleaner. Many people would think "It's glass cleaner, they are all the same." but that can't be further from the truth. Some glass cleaners just don't make the grade because they streak easily or might just be way to expensive. Our list of our best and favorite glass cleaners are affordable and work every time without a lot of fuss. 

GLOVEBOXRx Glass Gleaner Kit

GLOVEBOXRx Glass Cleaner

Price: $16.99

Size: 16 Ounces x 2 cartridges in each kit

Pros: Smells amazing, cleans easy, is refillable without a fuss or measuring, made in America, and storage is super easy. Refills are only $12.99 for a two pack!

Cons: None, it just works!

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 Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner 22 Ounce bottle

Stoner Invisible Glass

Price: $5.99 - $499.99

Size: 16 Ounce Sprayer, 22 Ounce Sprayer, and 19 Ounce Aerosol, 5 Gallons, and 55 Gallon Drums

Pros: One of the goats in the industry that will never let you down. It is affordable and available online and in many big box stores!

Cons: None, you cannot go wrong!

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Stoner Invisible Glass Hybrid Ceramic 16 Ounces

Invisible Glass Hybrid Ceramic

Price: $14.99

Size: 16 Ounces

Pros: Combines the power of Stoner Invisible Glass with the protection of ceramic technology so you get cleaning and water sheeting and beading in one step!

Cons: Only available in 16 ounce bottles. 

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DIY Detail Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner 16 Ounces

DIY Detail Crystal Clear

Price: $8.99

Size: 16 Ounces

Pros: An awesome glass cleaner that is cost effective and competes with any high-end brand!

Cons: Only available in 16 ounce bottles, gallon sizes would be good!

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PURE:EST G1 Glass Cleaner 500ML

PURE:EST G1 Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Price: $14.99

Size: 500ML

Pros: A new glass cleaner on the scene and it is super luxurious.

Cons: Higher cost and not available in larger sizes


GEIST Surface 500 Glass Cleaner


Price: $14.99

Size: 500ML

Pros: A fantastic glass and surface cleaner that is safe on almost everything inside and outside of a vehicle.

Cons: Higher price and not yet available in larger sizes.

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Koch Chemie Gc Glass Cleaner 500ML

Koch Chemie Gc Glass Cleaner

Price: $14.99 - $72.99

Size: 500ML - 5L

Pros: A fantastic glass cleaner with lots of power.

Cons: Higher price but the larger 5L container will go a long way.

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No matter if you are cleaning your own vehicle in your driveway or detailing a client's Porsche a quality glass cleaner can make you life a lot easier. Dedicated glass cleaners for cars will save you trouble and issues that their household counter parts can create. Each of these in our list are tried and true so rest assured you cannot go wrong with any of them!