December 2023 GloveBox

December 2023 GloveBox



GloveBox is like Christmas every month, but this month's Holiday box is extra special with over a $100 retail value. Tis the Season, well, Tis the Month every Month with GloveBox!
Our own line of products has expanded, and we wanted you to be the first to get it. Welcome GBRx Tire & Wheel Cleaner. If you are not familiar with our GBRx innovative cartridge system, let me give you a breakdown. Fill the empty bottle with distilled water (bottled water works) to the fill line, put the cartridge into the neck of the one of a kind GBRx bottle, slide the sprayer through the cartridge, turn the sprayer to secure it on the bottle, then watch the magic happen with the concentrate diluting perfectly into the water. Shake the product slightly for an even mixture, then use, it's that simple. When you go through your product just order the refill cartridges = Game Changer/ Save space, save product, save on shipping, save money, save the earth! Our Tire & Wheel cleaner is safe to use on all rims and tires. I like to work on one wheel at a time. I start by spraying down the entire wheel with water, then I spray the Tire & Wheel Cleaner over the the tire and rim, I let it sit for 30 to 60 seconds out of direct sunlight on a cool to the touch wheel, I then agitate it with a soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly to remove all of the product. 
Hopefully now you have your ride thoroughly washed and dried so we can move onto the next products. Welcome back Wizards Products with their Mystic Nano Wax and round applicator. The Nano Wax is super easy to apply. Simply place a few pea size drops onto your applicator, apply to one panel at a time, then immediately remove with a soft microfiber towel. This product will leave your paint finish looking as bright and shiny as Rudolph's noise. Side note: This product can also be applied with an orbital polisher. 
We protected the paint surface, so what about the glass? We got you covered. A fan favorite is back = Armour Detail Supply with their Glass Coating Kit! Properly prep the glass surface (more info can be found on the Armour website). Apply the Coating by adding a few lines of coating to the included applicator, work one section at a time while applying in overlapping motions, let sit for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Then grab the included AutoFiber Quadrant Wipe Microfiber Coating Leveling towel. Notice this towel has numbered sides so you know which side you started with to level the coating, then which side(s) you will use to remove the rest of the glass coating = Genius!
It's all about the smells... We have a new partner this month, welcome AroTags with their custom GloveBox reusable air freshener. I fell in love with these air fresheners for a few reasons: American made, reusable, and free of dangerous chemicals. Side note: This also makes a great Christmas ornament. 
If you missed SEMA, we brought you home a gift from Koch-Chemie = Keychain. Koch-Chemie has always been making big moves in the industry, but more recently have added in a nice new Blue Bottle Consumer Line of products, and has acquired ColourLock to keep their line expanded to fulfill the needs for us as detailers. 
The Holiday season can drain you of energy, so we wanted to keep you on your toes and focused with VYPER Energy Drink. I tried this at SEMA and was quite surprised that I didn't have that typical crash most energy drinks give you. I learned that this took them over two years to develop and is a nutritional-packed energy drink that's free from all artificial ingredients. Yes, this is the same VYPER company that makes the world's best shop chairs.  

Retail Value = $101.65

GloveBox Rx Bottle, Foam Sprayer, and Tire & Wheel Cleaner Cartridge
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