The Best Waterless Washes for Car Detailing

The Best Waterless Washes for Car Detailing

Waterless wash products have been around for sometime. They often get confused with quick detail sprays and rinseless washes but overlap with both of these product types. Waterless washes are great for removing finger prints, touching up heavier dirt, and perfect for cleaning door jams. We always have a waterless wash in our arsenal and reach for it often for making sure we did not miss an inch on any detail or wipe down.

What is a waterless wash?

Waterless wash is a sprayable solution that can clean a car without a direct access to water water. Waterless washes usually contain cleaning detergents, lubricating agents, and shine and protectant ingredients. The detergents break down dirt and stains, the lubricants pull contaminants away from the car's clear coat, and the shine and protectant can strengthen and renew the car's wax coating. Waterless washes are designed to be scratch-free and streak-free, and can also protect a car's paint from UV rays and other contaminants. They can be used for quick touch-ups and wiping dust, and even heavier contamination is used properly. Waterless washes work great in door jams, wheels, engine bays, and 

What is the difference between waterless wash and detail spray?

Waterless washes is are very similar to your traditional quick detail sprays but are designed to tackle dirtier jobs. With added cleaning agents and polymers waterless washes can be used much like a rinseless wash and can clean pretty heavily soiled panels, glass, wheels, and more. Typically you would only use a quick detailer for finger prints, light dust, and fresh bug splatter. Waterless washes can go down heavy as adding as much lubrication as possible is a good thing and the fear of streaking and smearing is usually not a concern. 

Here are some of our favorite waterless washes that we have enjoyed over the years.

GLOVEBOXRx Waterless Wash Kit with Sprayer and two refills

GLOVEBOXRx Waterless Wash

Price: $16.99 (Bottle, Sprayer, and 2 Refill Cartridges)

Code: BLOG30 for 30% off at GLOVEBOXDETAIL.COM

Sizes: 16 Ounces

Pros: This fantastic waterless wash has great cleaning power and slickness and is easy to reload and reuse. The clean scent adds to the experience and the form of the bottle is extremely unique and comfortable. We definitely like the cartridge system as dilutions are a thing of the past and it is quick to reload and get back to work. The price of this package is the most cost effective in our list and quite possibly on the market.

Cons: None


DIY Detail Waterless Wash


DIY Detail Waterless Wash

Price: $12.99

Code: GLOVEBOX for 10% off 

Sizes: 16 Ounces

Pros: This ceramic infused waterless wash packs a punch and cleans really well while adding a light protection to help keep things clean in between washes. It is extremely cost effective and a great bang for the buck.

Cons: It does not come in gallons yet.

Lithium Auto Elixirs H2N0 16 Ounces

Lithium H2NO

Price: $19.99

Code: GLOVEBOX for 20% off

Sizes: 16 Ounces

Pros: This waterless wash also includes water spot removing properties and with SiO2 it will also add protection all at one time. H2NO is packed with cleaning power and slickness and really is just a dream to work with. 

Cons: This waterless wash is a little pricey and not yet available in gallons but we hope it will soon!

Armour Detail Supply Adapt 16 Ounce Waterless Wash

Armour Detail Supply Adapt

Price: $17.99 to $59.99 

Code: GLOVEBOX for 15% off

Sizes: 16 Ounces and 1 Gallon

Pros: Adapt is a great waterless wash, smells great, and has a long lasting protection for up to a month. This is extremely stout for a waterless wash and a great way to add value to a product. We really enjoy the ease of use and use this on glass, paint, chrome, and more and are never disappointed.

Cons: A little more expensive but much more cost effective when you buy it by the gallon.

Ethos Defy Waterless Wash 16 Ounces

Ethos DEFY

Price: $15.99 to $69.95

Code: GLOVEBOX for 15% off

Sizes:  8 Ounces, 16 Ounces, and 1 Gallon

Pros: Lots of sizes available and another waterless wash that does a lot. It cleans, conditions, and protects in one step and is a dream to work with. DEFY can be used on all surfaces and all types of protection and you can't go wrong having this waterless wash in your arsenal.

Cons: The cost is really high for the smaller sizes and the best bang for your buck is to buy a gallon.



Pure:est H1 SIO2 Infused Waterless Wash

Price: $19.99


Sizes: 16 Ounces

Pros: This newer waterless wash on the scene comes from Sweden and is a great waterless wash that also adds protection. It is extremely slick and the smell is like walking into a high-end hotel. It works well and is really easy to use.

Cons: The price of this waterless wash is on the higher end and also it is not yet available in larger sizes. It does make its way from across the Atlantic so hopefully in the future we will see a larger size on the website.

No matter which waterless wash you choose you will not be disappointed as these are the best waterless washes we have used recently. They all work extremely well and will add a tool to your arsenal that will help with your detailing jobs. We always keep a waterless wash on hand in our shop and when we travel because they are so easy to use and do so much. So order a few and see what you like best!