February 2018 GloveBox

February 2018 GloveBox


Our inaugural box. Great detailing products and exclusive discounts from Adam’s Polishes, Solution Finish, The Rag Company, Autofiber, Stay Clean Car Care AND Wizards Products. The box has it all!                                                                                                       

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We packed so much into the inaugural box, that it took 3 videos to showcase it all. Introducing "Detail Matters" - the GloveBox how-to series that introduces all the products in each GloveBox and tips & tricks from master detailer Brad Mills. 

Our first episode of “Detail Matters” - a journey into the detailing craft and world of car care products. We open up our February 2018 Box, and highlight Autofiber's Finger Applicator, and the Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer.

In this episode, we keep going through the February 2018 Box, and utilize Shampoo G from our friends at Stay Clean Car Care to wash the Macan Turbo.

We make a Ferrari 488 Spyder shine with Adam's Detail Spray, Wizard's Breathable Sealant, and The Rag Company's signature Eagle Edgeless Towels to wrap up the February Collection of videos.