Wheel & Tire Detail Kit

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A perfectly curated wheel & tire kit featuring detailing products from top car care brands. 6 products included. A great gift for clean car lovers!

Wheel & Tire Detail Kit Includes:

Meguiar’s - Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

Adam’s Polishes - H2O Guard & Gloss

Autofiber - Wheel Finger Applicator

Jax Wax - Super Citrus

Stay Clean Car Care - Shampoo Bath

The Rag Co. - The Pearl Microfiber Towel

The Best Wheel & Tire Cleaning Kit - We Think So!

This wheel and tire detailing kit will get your vehicle's wheels and tires looking great! Our wheel and tire detailing kit feature the best brands in car care, including Adam's Polishes, Meguiar's, Jax Wax, The Rag Company, and Autofiber. Each wheel and tire cleaning kit includes everything you'll need to wash, degrease, protect, and polish your wheels and tires all for the low price of $19.99. This wheel and tire cleaning package is far under retail price and is a fantastic bang for the buck.

Our Wheel & Tire Cleaning Kit for the Win

Most people appreciate shiny tires and brake dust free wheels on their car or truck. We made sure the wheel and tire cleaning products in this kit would perform well and also be easy to work with. That is why we chose Meguiar’s Ultimate Wheel Cleaner. It quickly breakdowns brake dust, grime, dirt, and more on your wheels and lets you know when your wheels are clean by turning brake dust purple as it dissolves it. You can also use it on painted panels as an iron remover and decontamination wash for your car before clay baring or waxing the paint. Then we brought in Jax Wax Super Citrus so you can scrub your tires clean and remove the slime and road grime before you shine them up with your favorite tire dressing. We didn’t stop there in this wheel and tire detail kit, we also added Adam’s Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss. This hybrid paint sealant will protect your newly clean wheels from the abuse of the elements, brake dust, and road grime. This water-activated spray sealant can also be used on your painted services giving them extremely durable and lasting protection that is extremely easy to use.

More Than a Wheel & Tire Cleaning Kit

While we said this is a wheel and tire detailing kit we also threw in a bottle of Stay Clean Car Care’s Shampoo so you can wash your whole car as you clean your wheels and tires. To complete the package, we added an Autofiber Wheel Finger Applicator to make adding ire dressing or protection easy. To round out the wheel and tire detailing box we added The Rag Company’s Pearl Microfiber Towel with is great for sealing your wheels with Adam’s H20 Guard & Gloss.

The Perfect Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit for Pros and Hobbyists

While we believe this is a solid wheel and tire cleaning kit and we packed a lot into this box, we know it is perfect for weekend warriors and car enthusiasts alike. It is perfect for your garage, to keep in your glove box, or in your trunk. This is also perfect as a gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, and celebrating a new car purchase.  Don’t waste any time and purchase this wheel & tire detailing box today!