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A monthly box of the best car care products + instruction = GloveBox. Our mission is simple: to make cars feel loved again. It starts by using the right products. We've already partnered with some of the biggest names in car care and have many more on the way. Whether you're a driver, detailer, blogger, YouTuber, or just a fine car connoisseur - we see you. Sign up below and the first round of GB is on us!

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15 years of experience. 

An intense desire to teach other enthusiasts.

A knack for storytelling. 

That's what makes GloveBox so special. We're the voice of reason in the detailing industry. We tell it like it is- no bull, because our #1 priority is the same as yours; we want our cars to look good.

We want to help you get in touch with us. Ask questions, sign up for the influencer kit, and make suggestions! You're an integral part of our growing team, and we look forward to changing the industry together.

It's simple: Sign up to join us, and we will send you this month's box for free- no strings attached.  You'll get the first look at almost $100 worth of merchandise, plus a direct line to us so that your input gets heard. 

All we ask is your honest feedback, and, of course, if you love us... Make sure to share!

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2500 W Bradley Pl.

Chicago Illinois, 60618,

Collectors' Car Garage C/O GloveBox, LLC

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Direct Phone:  +1 (815) 790-9844

Got Questions?


+ What does GloveBox do?

We curate, deliver, and teach enthusiasts how to use premium car care products.

+ What's in the box?

A mix of premium car care product samples from brands you know, and some you need to try. No toys. No junk. Just great products for your car.

+ How many samples do I get?

4 to 6 products. Liquids are typically 2-4 ounces each but vary depending on concentration levels. Expose yourself to new products without the commitment of a full-size bottle!

+ How often do you ship?

Monthly. Expect yours to arrive the first week of every month. Update: First box ships in early 2018.

+ Can I pick my products?

Where’s the fun in that? We continuously test new products from the manufacturers and curate the best ones for our subscribers. Trust us, your car will thank you.

+ How do I use the contents of the box?

We’re glad you asked. Tune into our monthly YouTube videos, where we post a how-to for every monthly box. Use your products well.

+ Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope. Go month-to-month (cancel anytime) or commit to the Annual subscription and save. We'll also be offering select single-box purchases in our online store.

+ Who are you?

Check out our About Us page. Our co-founder and master detailer, Brad Mills, has been caring for exotic & collector cars for well over a decade. His work has won numerous awards, including Best in Class at Quail ’17. He regularly hosts detailing seminars for national car clubs, enthusiasts, and the next generation of detailers through the RPM Foundation.

+ Where are you located?

Chicago, Illinois.

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