February 2018 Collection, Part 2

My kids hate their bath time, so thankfully the cars I detail love theirs. We had a very dirty 2018 Porsche Macan Turbo in the wash bay recently, and after a few months of salt and grime from the Chicago winter, it was in need of a good bath. Of the seven products in February’s GloveBox, three came in handy for this Macan’s ‘rub-a-dub’:

-       Stay Clean Car Care: Shampoo G
-       The Rag Company: Eagle Edgeless 16x16 Microfiber Towel

-       Adam's Polishes: Detail Spray

Our first move was to inspect our “canvas”

These are things I look for during my initial wash inspection:

  • Is there a lot of grime in the wheel wells, lower panels & door jambs
  • Is there bug splatter or tar on the exterior of the vehicle
  • Is the surface cool to the touch
  • Is there any damage I need to take note of
  • Are windows and sunroof closed
  • Is the car dirty from dirt, salt, mud, dust or other
  • Is the car in the best location possible for me to wash it
  • You can also remove license plates during an inspection. There is a lot of debris that collects behind the license plates that should be addressed & removed during the wash procedure.

With the inspection completed, I was ready to gather the tools necessary to wash the Macan.

Tools needed to perform a car wash:

  • 2 wash buckets with grit guards. One bucket is for rinsing your wash mitt & the other is for your suds (Note: a 3rd bucket is typically used for washing the wheels, but we’ll cover this in a future post)
  • Wash Mitts
  • Soft Brush (Hog hair brush or a very soft bristle brush)
  • Extra microfiber towels
  • Drying microfiber towels (I typically use a drying aid product, but for this blog we will  just discuss using a drying towel)
  • Car soap. This month we are using Shampoo G from Stay Clean Car Care.
  • Air Blaster
  • Foam Gun
  • Hose
  • Hose Sprayer

The Video

Now that we have inspected the vehicle and have our tools ready to go we can start washing.

Steps I take when washing a vehicle.

  1. Spray inside the lower door jambs to whisk away any light debris
  2. Foam down the car
  3. Rinse off the foam
  4. Foam the car again
  5. Use a soft brush to agitate the soap in the small crevices to help release any debris that may be sitting in there
  6. Start hand washing the vehicle from top to bottom, working on one panel at a time.  Before moving to the next panel dunk your wash mitt in the rinse bucket, then the suds bucket to ensure a clean wash mitt and consistent soap application.
  7. Take the high road. Leave the bottom 12 inches of the car until the end of the wash process. As you know, this is where most dirt and debris hides so I elect to use a separate microfiber towel (dipped into your suds bucket) to gently wipe the bottom section of the car. Make sure to rinse often and flip the towel over as necessary depending on how dirty your car is.
  8. Rinse your vehicle thoroughly. Get all the soap off the car, and don’t forget any left inside the grille or lower sections that you might not see while standing upright.
  9. Dry off your vehicle with your drying MF towel. We did not use drying aids during this wash so I could show the performance of Stay Clean’s Shampoo G.
  10. Dry door jambs
  11. Dry out the cracks and crevices with our Master Blaster

Now that we had the Macan washed & dried I like to inspect my work.

This is how I inspect my work after a wash

  • I used my Eagle Edgeless MF Towel & Adam’s Detail Spray from this month’s GloveBox.
  • I spray a light mist of Detail Spray on the panel and wipe that area with my MF towel to ensure I leave no wash streaks or water spots
  • This is a good time to clean and put back on the license plate(s) or any emblems removed for cleaning.
  • I note any areas that may need more than just a wash to look better. For instance, light scratches, door dings, tar, sap, ect.

**Don’t Skip the Clean after the Clean!

  • When finished washing your vehicle it is SO important to clean your tools and wash buckets. You don’t want to bring that dirt to your next wash.

Product Overview:

- Stay Clean Car Care: Shampoo G
This product is considered a  wash & wax. The main thing I look for in car wash soap is lubricity. Shampoo G has very good lubricity and leaves the final finish looking great & shinny. Lubricity Lubricity Lubricity Lubricity, I just like saying that word LOL

- The Rag Company: Eagle Edgeless 16x16 Microfiber Towel
This is a 480 GSM towel. GSM = grams per square meter. It has a 70/30 blend. 70% Polyester & 30% Polyamide. Great all around MF towel whether you are performing a waterless wash, removing sealants - polishes - waxes

-  Adam's Polishes: Detail Spray
Smells so good!  The detail spray is a must for the detailing arsenal. It helps in removing sealants and waxes and is great as a stand alone for a final wipedown/inspections.

Bradley Mills

Taggart Lohman