Getting Lucky

You don’t have to be Irish to get Lucky this month, all you need is a GloveBox subscription. We broke out the March GloveBox on a gorgeous 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition. Check out the video here. In case you missed it, this is what our subscribers received:

  • Stay Clean Car Care: Shampoo Bath

  • SONAX: Polymer Net Shield

  • Wizards Products: 4” Applicator Pad

  • The Rag Company: Eagle Edgeless 16x16 Microfiber Towel

  • Adam’s Polishes: Glass Cleaner

  • The Rag Company: Smitten Glass Mitt

  • AutoFiber: Micro Restorer

Our very first move is to always inspect our “canvas”:

After our inspection we were ready to wash the Corvette with the provided Shampoo Bath from Stay Clean Car Care. For my tips on inspecting the vehicle and how I do a proper wash refer back to last month's blog Rub-A-Dub.  

With the Corvette prepped & washed we were ready to add our Polymer Net Shield for protection. We applied it with the included 4” applicator pad.

Steps I took to add protection:

  1. Remove the applicator pad’s sharp edge by cutting it off, leaving it “edgeless”
  2. Prime the applicator pad with product
  3. Apply the Net Shield in straight, overlapping motions both vertically and horizontally
  4. Add more Net Shield to your pad when product will no longer adhere to the surface in a consistent even manner.
  5. Apply to one panel at a time before removing if working in a cool, controlled environment out of direct sunlight. If not working in the best conditions, apply in small 2x2 sections then remove before going on to the next section.
  6. Avoid plastics/rubber/trim pieces while applying the Net Shield

Steps to remove the Polymer Net Shield.

  1. Inspect my microfiber towel to ensure no debris is caught in the fibers
  2. Fold my microfiber towel in half twice,, or “fours”
  3. During the removal process I continually check the towel to make sure no debris found its way into the fibers (especially important when working around cowlings and seams)
  4. I conduct multiple walkarounds and view each panel from different angles to ensure I don't leave any product behind. This is how I look at it: if someone walked up to you wearing a 3 thousand dollar suit and they had a small mustard stain on it what would you notice? The suit or the mustard stain? Of course the mustard stain. Same goes for the car, you will notice the small left behind product instead of noticing how great the rest of the car looks. Take your time and triple check your work.

Next we worked on what is often the most frustrating part of a car to get clean - the glass! (cue the jaws theme song) BUT, I have some techniques to help make this process easier and with better results. 

Steps I take to clean glass:

  1. First choose the right towel for your glass. Don’t worry we included an amazing product from Rag Co., the Smitten Mitt. 

  2. Choose the right glass cleaner. We chose Adam’s Glass Cleaner which is safe on all glass including tinted glass. Note: Avoid glass cleaner with ammonia in it when cleaning your glass, especially tinted glass. Ammonia can deteriorate the tint over time. Tinting professionals actually use ammonia to help remove tint!

  3. Next, add a couple sprays of glass cleaner on your Smitten Mitt on the nappy (non-waffle) side. In most cases a couple sprays will be good for the whole outside or inside of the door windows.  

  4. When wiping the glass with the Smitten Mitt work from the outside in, and then from the inside out. Meaning, work from the outside edge overlapping to the center of the glass in a square-like pattern. Then repeat, but this time work from the inside out. Check out our YouTube video to see this in action. Why do we suggest this? We suggest it because often the streaks you see in your glass are from pushing around dirt while cleaning. So we want to contain & control that dirt by first centralizing it, and then pushing it off the surface with our cleaning towel.

  5. Now we will follow the same steps on the glass but this time we will not use any glass cleaner, and we will flip the Smitten Mitt over to the waffle-weave side. This will help ensure we remove any of those annoying streaks.

Now that we washed the Corvette, protected the paint surface, and cleaned the glass, we are now ready to clean our microfiber towels.

Steps I take to clean my microfiber towels:

  1. Choose the right detergent. We don’t want detergent with aromatic additives or powder residue. That is why we curated this March GloveBox with Micro Restorer.

  2. I first seperate my towels into five categories:

    1. A group: This category contains my microfibers that are used for my finishing work. For example the microfibers I use to remove polishes, waxes & sealants.
    2. B group: This category is for the towels I use on the interior or other areas that are a little more soiled.
    3. C group: This category is for my glass towels
    4. D group: This category is for towels I use to clean the rims, engine bays, wheel wells, exhausts, or undercarriages. It goes without saying, you don't want to mix your 1 and 4 towels! 
    5. F group: This category is called Forget about it. This is for my towels that are really dirty and not worth the risk of using again on any vehicle even after they are washed.
  3. Note: It could take you hours, or even days to get your car looking they way you desire, so to risk harming the paint with an old beat up microfiber is not worth it.
  4. Next, I "detail" my washing machine. I take a little APC (all purpose cleaner) or degreaser and spray it on a towel and wipe down the inside of the washer. I will even wipe down around the lid just to eliminate debris that can potentially find its way into one of the fibers.

  5. Now I will load my first category of towels into the washing machine. I will add 2 oz. of Micro Restorer. This is all you need for any size load.

  6. For my A, B & C towels I will put the machine on delicate or normal cycle. For my D towels I will put it on heavy duty.

  7. For my A,B, & C towels I will put the temperature on cold or warm. For my D towels I will put on warm or hot temperature.

  8. I will always put the water level on the highest setting. This will help flush the product out of the towels during the wash.

That's it, folks! While you're here, I thought I'd speak briefly about each of the products found in the March GloveBox. 

Product Overview:

  • Stay Clean Car Care: Shampoo Bath

This product has what we look for in a car wash soap & then some -- 1. Sudsy 2. Extra slick, which provides lubricity during the wash that lessens the chance of dry contact & marring. 3. Does not strip previous protection. 4. Is formulated with calcium reduction to help against water spotting. 5. pH balanced

  • SONAX: Polymer Net Shield

Great easy-on, easy-off application. I typically see about 6 to 8 months of protection & water beading after this product is properly applied.

  • Wizards Products: 4” Applicator Pad

  • The Rag Company: Eagle Edgeless 16x16 Microfiber Towel

This is a 480 GSM towel. GSM = grams per square meter. It has a 70/30 blend. 70% Polyester & 30% Polyamide. Great all around MF towel whether you are performing a waterless wash, or removing sealants, polishes, waxes etc.

  • Adam’s Polishes: Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner has great flashing ability. Which means it flashes away after it is wiped on, so it lessens the chance of streaks. It is strong enough to clean the most soiled glass & gentle enough to use on tinted glass.

  • The Rag Company: Smitten Glass Mitt

A-MA-ZING!! Everything you could want from a glass towel. Two sided, one side for your initially cleaning & the second side to remove any streaks. Finger loops on the inside of the mitt to ensure maximum control even in the tightest areas.  It has a great edge that gets into those stubborn lower front windshield crevices.

  • Autofiber: Micro Restorer:

This is a great product to properly wash & clean your microfiber towels. I was a skeptic of this product years back, but after the first time I used it I was a believer. GloveBox is the first to ever offer this product in sample size, so you can try before you buy. I am positive you will be a believer like me once you give it a try.


- Bradley Mills