Don’t Hide It, Restore It!

February 2018 Collection, Part 1

This is not a hair loss commercial, I promise.  I put my restoration skills to use this month on a 1987 Porsche 928 S4. Of the seven products in February’s GloveBox, two in particular were helpful in restoring the faded plastic wing of a beautiful Porsche.

  • Solution Finish: Black Trim Restorer

  • Autofiber: Microfiber Fingertip Mitt Applicator

Both products are sold in a kit, available through Autofiber ... Make sure to use your GloveBox Discount Code when shopping to get the best deal.

The Video

To kick off Detail Matters, we open up our February 2018 Box, and highlight Autofiber's Finger Applicator, and the Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer. 

The Process

Prepping the Vehicle for Restoration

  • Go through a proper wash (See Blog Rub-A-Dub Feb, 2018 pt. 2). *Don’t worry- we have you covered for soap in this month’s box*

  • Thoroughly dry the vehicle using Microfiber drying towels and compressed air.
  • As a bonus step, use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to wipe down the plastic wing before restoring. IPA can be purchased at any local grocery store or drugstore. The purpose of IPA is to remove any excess oils, waxes or sealants from the surface.

    • I dilute my IPA solution 50/50, 50% IPA and 50% distilled water. I wipe down the surface by spraying a light mist of IPA on my microfiber towel and then doing a light wipe on the surface that I want oil free. This is not a must, but if you feel comfortable doing it, it is a great way to ensure you are applying product to an oil/wax/sealant-free surface.

  • Let the exterior sit for a few hours while addressing other areas of the vehicle to ensure the surface will be completely dry before applying Solution Finish.

Restoring the Wing

  • Apply a thin light layer of Solution Finish ( 1.5 inches long & ¼ inch thick ) onto the finger applicator. * A little goes a long way with this product * Reapply as needed.

  • Use short, overlapping motions in horizontal and vertical direction to work product into surface.
  • Minimize error by working in two foot sections.

  • Let product sit for around 3 minutes.

  • Lightly wipe excess product with a clean microfiber towel.

Don’t worry if you get product on the paint or glass, Solution Finish will not harm these surfaces. This is great as it avoids time spent masking these areas with tape. If you DO accidentally get product on any other surfaces just grab a Microfiber towel and some detail spray and wipe it off.


Included in this month’s GloveBox is a clear plastic bag for storing your finger applicator and Solution Finish bottle. I recommend labeling the baggy (and using it specifically for the Solution Finish + Finger Applicator, so you don’t accidentally cross-contaminate your applicator pads.


Solution Finish Trim Restorer

Can I just call this product a GAME CHANGER…?

You will hear me reference RPM a lot as my pillars of detailing, it means Restore Preserve Maintain. It is super rare to find a product that does all three (RPM), but Solution Finish does it.

It Restores the plastic, vinyl and rubber by attacking the chemicals in the material that causes fading & brings it back to black.

It Preserves by adding a UV protectant to the plastic, vinyl and rubber.

It Maintains with the easy use of wipe on wipe off during your regular detail sessions. I typically see results lasting about 8 months (this is very dependent on how the car is driven, climate & care of the vehicle)

* I will advise you that Solution Finish does not work on tires. This has to do with how tires are made and the blooming/browning (caused by interaction with ozone and the rubber compound) effect you see. *

Autofiber Microfiber Fingertip Mitt Applicator

Another game changer. My favorite thing about this applicator is control. By allowing for your fingers to fit into the applicator you have so much more control, which allows you to work in tight areas and around curves. This applicator is also great to add protection to your rims, clean interior, add leather treatment or to moisturize hoses in your engine bay.