Being A Gentleman

February 2018 Collection, Part 3

Call me old school, but I choose to be a gentleman, not only in my daily life but also in the garage. To understand why first let’s agree that detailing is a series of processes. It’s a series of steps that you follow over and over again, and eventually (with the right products) a detailing regimen is born. Sometimes little mnemonics, like “be a gentleman” - remind me to take steps which make the detailing process 1) Better, 2) Faster, or 3) Both. In this case, it does both - it ensures 100% of the car is clean and prevents wasted effort cleaning up product residue later on. That’s what I demonstrated in this month’s suggestion video on a client’s 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider - and I used only the products from our February GloveBox to illustrate my point. In case you missed it, February’s box included seven different products for you to use on your own. While detailing the 488 Spider, I chose two pairs of products to protect it and inspect it.

- Wizards: Shine Master Polish and Breathable Sealant

- Wizards: 4" Applicator Pad

- The Rag Company: Eagle Edgeless 16x16 Microfiber Towel

- Adam's Polishes: Detail Spray

The first thing we have to do is make sure that our “canvas” is prepped and ready to go.

Prior to adding protection, we:

  • Inspect outside surfaces
  • Wash the exterior
  • Remove any iron contaminants
  • Utilize a clay bar procedure
  • Re-wash vehicle
  • Dry

With a fully prepped 488, I was ready to start using Wizards Shine Master Polish and Breathable Sealant with a 4" applicator pad.

Steps I took to add protection:

  • Remove the applicator pad’s sharp edge by cutting it off, leaving it “edgeless”
  • Prime my new applicator pad with the sealant
  • Apply the sealant in straight, overlapping motions both vertically and horizontally
  • Making sure to keep my hand flat on the applicator pad when applying the protection
  • Add more sealant to my pad when product will no longer adhere to the surface in a consistent even manner.
  • Apply to the entire vehicle if working in a cool, controlled environment out of direct sunlight. If not, work in sections.
  • I avoided plastics/rubber/trim pieces while applying the sealant
  • I had to “Be a Gentleman” when working near panel seams to avoid extra work later

Again, Being a Gentleman consists of opening any door, latch or panel that has a seam where product can get caught in the gaps. This has a few benefits:

         1. It is a good reminder to add protection in the jambs

         2. It helps avoid adding clumps of product in the seams that you will have to spend extra time addressing later.

Now, with a car covered in sealant - it was time to begin the removal process with my Rag Company Eagle Edgeless Microfiber Towel and Adam's Polishes Detail Spray.

Steps I took to remove the sealant.

  • Inspect my microfiber towel to ensure no debris got caught in the fibers.
  • Fold my microfiber towel twice into quarters, or “fours”
  • I sprayed a light mist of detail spray onto the surface of the vehicle. This helps reduce drag and friction between the towel, product & paint surface.
  • During the removal process I continually checked my towel to make sure no debris found its way into the fibers
  • I conduct multiple walkarounds and view each panel from different angles to ensure I did not leave any sealant behind. NO SOLDIER LEFT BEHIND! ...... I mean, NO PRODUCT LEFT BEHIND!

Product Overview:

- Wizards: Shine Master Polish and Breathable Sealant
The product is called breathable because it is safe to use on freshly painted surfaces. It is very easy to apply and doesn't leave a lot of flaky product build up when removing.

- Wizards: 4" Applicator Pad

- The Rag Company: Eagledgless 16x16 Microfiber Towel
This is a 480 GSM towel. GSM = grams per square meter. It has a 70/30 blend. 70% Polyester & 30% Polyamide. Great all around MF towel whether you are performing a waterless wash, or removing sealants, polishes, waxes etc.

-  Adam's Polishes: Detail Spray
Smells so good! But don’t. The detail spray is a must for your detailing arsenal. It helps with removing sealants and waxes and is great as a stand-alone product for a final wipedown or inspection.


- Bradley Mills

Taggart Lohman